Friday, February 7, 2014

జర్నలిస్టు మిత్రులారా...మీకొక ఖుషీ కబురు...

జర్నలిస్టుల శ్రమ దోచుకుంటూ... అక్రమంగా, సక్రమంగా ఆస్తులు సంపాదించే మీడియా యాజమాన్యాలు... వారికి జీతాలు ఇవ్వడం దగ్గరకు వచ్చే సరికి ఏడుస్తుంటాయి. అప్పట్లో మజిథియ వేజ్ బోర్డ్ ను నియమిస్తే... పత్రికల యాజమాన్యాలు కొర్టుకెక్కాయి. ఈ విషయంలో మానేజ్మెంట్ల వాదనను సుప్రీం కోర్టు ఈ రోజు కొట్టివేసింది. 
ఈ విషయంపై... బిజినెస్ స్టాండర్డ్ సైట్ లో వచ్చిన లేటెస్టు వార్తను మీకు ఇక్కడ అందిస్తున్నాము. పండగ చేసుకోండి.    

The  today dismissed all writ petitions moved by  newspaper managements against the Majithia wage board for journalists and non- employees of newspaper establishments.
It ordered the owners to pay their employees the wages as revised/determined by the wage board payable from 11.11.2011 when the Government of India notified the recommendations of the Majithia Wage Boards.  All the arrears up to March, 2014 shall be paid to all eligible persons in four equal instalments within a period of one year. The revised wages will become payable from April, 2014.
The judgment written by Chief Justice  on behalf of  a three-member bench said that the concept of ‘variable pay’ contained in the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission has been incorporated into the Wage Board recommendations to ensure that the wages of the newspaper employees are at par with those employees working in other Government sectors. Such incorporation was made by the Majithia Wage Board after careful consideration, in order to ensure equitable treatment to employees of newspaper establishments, and it was well within its rights to do so.
The unanimous judgment further stated that the Wage Board has recommended grant of 100% neutralisation of dearness allowance. The Fifth Pay Commission granted the same in 1996. Since then, public sector undertakings, banks and even the private sector are all granting  100%  neutralisation  of  dearness  allowance.


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