Friday, January 13, 2012

S Fidel R Snehit మీద డెక్కన్ క్రానికల్ స్టోరీ

Deccan Chronicle has published a story on my son S Fidel R Snehit in its sports section in the tabloid. A reporter Sumil spoke to me and Som, Fidel's coach, a couple of days ago. He took all details about Fidel and published the story today. 
This is for you

The 11-year-old is one of the most promising paddlers in the boys singles cadet category to emerge from the State

Former Cuban president and revolutionary Fidel Castro once said: “Men do not shape destiny, destiny produces the man for the hour."That was during the turbulent times in Latin America. Back home, in a much different atmosphere and time line, a 11 year old table tennis player -S Fidel R. Snehit -named after the iconic leader is laying the foundation stone of his destiny .
For the uninitiated, Fidel is the India No.4 and the State number one in the boys singles cadet category . Fidel, who started playing the sport only in 2007, has been making waves in the Andhra Pradesh table tennis scene for a couple of years now, winning quite a few state ranking table tennis tournaments.
But from 2011, or to be precise from June 2011, Fidel has been making his presence felt in the national tournaments at a rate that has surprised even his coach Somnath Ghosh, who is also the state No.2 in the men's category .
“Fidel is very talented, and above all is very confident of his game. So we had expected him to be in the Top-10 rankings in the country . But, Fidel surprised us all with his impressive performances in a few national level , tournaments,“ said Ghosh.
“If he keeps progressing at this rate, we are very sure he will make it big in the sport,“ he added. Fidel also finished third in the cadet category at the national ranking table tennis tournament held in Kochi recently .
“It has been a great year for me. But now I have to keep improving. This year, I have to better my past results in the national level tournaments,“ l said Fidel. Though AP, for now, boasts of very talented upcoming players like Varuni Jaiswal and K.
Spoorthy, it has failed to produce a top-quality player in the boys' or men's section, and this is what makes Fidel's emergence important for the State.

Fidel began the new year with a bang, clinching the boys title at the recently concluded DC Sports inter-school meet.
Looking to the future, Ghosh said: “We are hoping that Fidel could participate in some inter national tournaments this year, hopefully in China.“

“Technique-wise, I am working on his backhand shots. His forehand has always been quite good,“ he added.
And if Fidel needs inspiration, he doesn't have to look further than his own name. The `R' in his name, which stands for Rafeeque, was the name of the person who dedicated his ligaments to Fidel's father when the latter was injured while playing badminton.


jeevani said...

అన్నయ్యా ఫిదెల్ మంచి ఆటగాడిగా దేశానికి పేరు తీసుకురావాలి

SHANKAR.S said...

శభాష్ ఫిదెల్. నువ్వు భవిష్యత్ లో ఇంకా మరెన్నో విజయాలు సాధించాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను.

Vinay Datta said...

Congratulations! He is eligible for such a good write up on him.


Sasidhar said...

Wow..that is very impressive.
We wish Snehit all the best in his sports career.

Congratulations to you & your family Ramu garu...for encouraging him

~Sasidhar Sangaraju

KRISHNA'S చెప్పు దెబ్బలు-పూలదండలు said...

I wish the boy develops into a great TT player and wins many accolades.

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