Monday, October 12, 2009

వి.ఎస్.ఆర్. శాస్త్రి గారికి వినమ్ర జవాబు

Dear Sastryji,

Thanks a ton for spending your valuable time to visit my blog and also for the valuable feedback you’ve sent. As I mentioned in my introduction, I value you more and I keep on telling many budding journalists to work under you once in their lifetime. I had a wonderful opportunity to work under your tutelage, which I cherish a lot.

1)In fact, Sastryji, there is so much to write about Radhakrishna’s lackadaisical write-up. I sent him a sms requesting him to read my reaction to his story. I don’t know whether he received my sms.

2)Sir, again there is so much to tell about Jayadeva and the factors that led to his migration to Chennai. There is no point in arguing now on who is a party of his unceremonious exit. Let us go by our conscience. But what happened to Jayadeva and others, including me, is still afresh in our memory. Those who troubled us and who cut short our careers will definitely pay a heavy price for it, sir.

3)You observed that talking about fever of a person was trivial. I don’t think so. Sastryji, my main aim is to give personal touch to the visitors of my blog. Many people didn’t know about the ill-health of Mr.Gouse and Mr.Bhasker till they visited my blog. This blog would focus on minute details of good senior journalists apart from discussing serious issues. It’s an intentional attempt. Hope you would appreciate it.

4)You also mentioned that you differ with some of my observations on TV presenters. Sir, please forward me such that we can have a healthy discussion. Please feel free to guide me for the larger interests of the media industry in Andhra Pradesh.

5)As you rightly mentioned, the kind of sensation created by Raviprakash is uncalled for. I know, he can get away in Indian circumstances. Right under the heavy impact of success, he is not in a position to go by any standards. He apparently believes that whatever he says falls under the category of innovation.

6)I’ve started watching interviews of Ramachandra murthy gaaru. I am planning to write a piece on it. Sir, I wish to go by certain standards but the problem is non-cooperation of these seniors. I am sending mails to these people to know their side of the story but they preferred not to respond. I believe our truthfulness will win their confidence in future.

7)Yes sir, people are not expecting high quality reporting from rural reporters. Managements may impart them enough training to ensure quality. I too can say that the amount of efforts these reporters put is highly laudable. We all should strive to improve quality in the field.
Again thanks
See you


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